During the 2017 spring semester, Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) senior Kaylee Sienza created the first-ever CSD transfer group student organization. This group was specifically designed for those in the major who transferred to Illinois State from other Universities or community colleges.

Two female students standing next to each otherSienza came up with the idea to create the group from her own transfer experience from a community college. At first, she found it difficult to transition in as a junior with other CSD students who were already established in the major. In addition, CSD students have to apply to graduate school in the fall of their senior year. This only allows a limited time for transfer students to get to know the professors in CSD.

She found support through the other transfer students and wanted to create the group to help future transfer students transition to Illinois State and into the CSD program. Sienza’s main goal was to provide guidance and support specifically designed for the needs of transfer students. The group will not only provide helpful information for transitioning into the program, but also helpful hints and tips to help with the application process for graduate school.

The CSD transfer student group allows students to meet others going through same journey and provides comfort knowing they are not alone. Senior CSD student Emily Sproat said the “transfer group gave her the opportunity to meet others in the same situation.”

Now a first-year graduate student in the speech-language pathology graduate program at Illinois State University, Sienza hopes to continue helping transfer students in their journey throughout her remaining time at Illinois State.