Jeffrey Barrett, MAT, co-authored the book, A Pleasure to Measure! Tasks for Teaching Measurement in the Elementary Grades, which provides activities to teachers to support the teaching of measurements.

Ali Riaz, POL, co-authored a paper titled “Democracy and Sharia in Bangladesh: Surveying Support” for the Washington-based RESOLVE Network, an initiative of the Global Research Network on Conflict. The paper was also presented at the 2017 Resolve Network Global Forum at the U.S. Institute of Peace, Washington, D.C.

Fred Smith, ANT, co-authored “New research on the Late Pleistocene in the Lim Channel, Istria” for the journal Antiquity.

Paul Ugor, ENG, published the chapter “Cosmopolitanism from Below: Oil Capitalism, Informality and Citizenship in Nigeria” in the book Negative Cosmopolitanism: Abjection, Power, Bio-politics. He also published “Jonathan Haynes and the Rise of Nollywod Studies” in Dispatches From The Poetry Wars.

T.Y. Wang, POL, a co-edited volume The Taiwan Voter through the University of Michigan Press.

Eric Willey, Milner Library, published “An Examination of the Convergence of Theory in Libraries and Archives” in Archival Issues.