The School of Communication was recently honored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) as a recognizable force on a college campus for integrating civic engagement into majors. The school, which is one of only 22 across the country to be recognized, will be featured in an upcoming issue of the AAC&U publication, Peer Review.

Bob Broad, ENG, co-authored the book “We Need to Talk: A New Method for Evaluating Poetry” (Multilingual Matters).

Gregory Ferrence, Timothy Lash, and graduate student Navneet Sahota, CHE, co-authored “Synthesis and Properties of Carbaporphyrin and Carbachlorin Dimethyl Esters Derived from Cyclopentanedialdehydes” for the Journal of Organic Chemistry. Lash and Ferrence also co-authored “Nickel(II) and Palladium(II) Complexes of Oxa-, Thia- and Selenacarbaporphyrins and the Unexpected Formation of Nonaromatic Oxidation Products” for Inorganic Chemistry.

Julie Schumacher, Yoon Jin Ma, Provost Jan Murphy, and alumnus Arthur Valentine, all of FCS, published, “Dietary supplement use, perceptions, and associated lifestyle behaviors in undergraduate college students, student-athletes, and ROTC cadets” in the Journal of American College Health.

Kendra Paitz, University Galleries, wrote an essay for Re-imagining a Safe Space, an exhibition co-curated by Deborah Willis and Melissa Harris at New York University’s Gulf + Western Gallery. The title of the essay is “Deafening the satellites and lifting the curtains.”

Angela Bonnell, Milner Library, presented “Answering the Call: WWI Posters for Campus and Community Outreach” for the Federal Depository Library Conference, Arlington, Virginia.

Several members of Milner Library presented at the 2017 Illinois Library Association Annual Conference in Tinley Park. Grace Allbaugh, Sue Franzen, and Anne Shelley were part of the presentation “You Can Take the Librarian out of the Building: Pop-Up Libraries for All.” Sue Franzen co-presented “Standing with Faculty to Engage & Educate.” Franzen also co-presented “Flip the Library Orientation: Partnering to Create Videos that Engage and Educate” with Julie Derden and student Becca Maree.

Robin Halsey, ENG, presented “Unlocking Literacy Through Listening Training” at the “Crossroads of Cultures” MIDTESOL Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.