Illinois State University has received the 2017 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Campus Sustainability Achievement Award for its Fix It Friday Program.

Valdivia, a collection of poetry published through Steve Halle’s, ENG, imprint co•im•press received the 2017 National Translation Award in Poetry from the American Literary Translators Association.

Seon-Yoon Chung, MCN, co-authored “Clinical relevance of gastrointestinal microbiota during pregnancy: A primer for nurses” in Biological Research for Nursing.

Fred Smith, ANT, co-authored the chapter “Human Skeletal Remains” in the book Archaeolim. Archaeological Investigations into the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene of the Lim Chanel (Archaeological Museum and Institute of Anthropology, Zagreb).

Steve Stapleton, MCN, authored the chapter “Pain Management” for Emergency Nursing Core Curriculum, 7th edition (Elsevier).

Abigail Chipps Stone, ANT, published “Finding the ephemeral: Herding strategies and socio-economic organization in an urban West African context,” in the journal, Quaternary International.

Christopher Breu, ENG, presented “In Defense of Sex” at the University of Richmond in Virginia.

Marjorie Jones, CHE, was one of the presenters of “New Directions for Leishmania Therapy??? How about Electromagnetic Radiation!!” with graduate student Benjamin Dorsey for the International Conference of Parasitology and Infectious Diseases in San Antonio, Texas.

Katherine Ellison, ENG, presented “Tolerating Stupid: Intelligence Leaks and Networked Communication in Defoe’s Writings” at the Defoe Society Conference in New Haven, Connecticut.