The exhibit “Hear Me Out: A Collaborative Installation Between Design Students & You” runs until December 4 on the second floor of Milner Library.

“Hear Me Out” is an art installation created from a group project in a special topics design class taught by Assistant Professor of Graphic Design AliceJ Lee.  Those visiting the exhibit can take a card with an uplifting message to get them through the day, the week, or beyond, and leave behind a quote, phrase, or song lyrics for others to enjoy.

“The goal of this piece is to engage the community with a positive message. The piece not only asks for viewers to observe but to interact by adding their own positive message,” said Lee.

The project began as a proposal for a public interactive type-based installation that engages the student community with a positive message. Each student was asked to pitch an idea and then develop it. As a class, students narrowed down the ideas and executed one.

The final choice was an idea brought to the class by student Amanda Hopkins and was carried out by the whole class. Each student was asked to design their own version of “Hear Me Out” based off of a song. The class separated into small groups to work on specific parts of the installation such as the design, promotional side, and instructions. Those with Instagram accounts can view a time-lapse video of the exhibit set up.

The project was inspired by another interactive art installation that was created by Studio Spass for an exhibition called “Do It at Kunsthal Rotterdam 2015.”

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