Erika Hunt, senior policy analyst at Illinois State’s Center for the Study of Education Policy, presented “Piloting Comprehensive School Leadership (CSL) Hubs as a Collective Approach to Strengthen School Leadership” November 10 at the 15th Annual Focus on Illinois Education Research Symposium.

Over the last year, a 33-member advisory committee met and identified three key strategies based on survey findings and a review of the research and national models of best practices. Through this, the CSL Hubs were conceptualized including a mission statement, key strategies with indicators, and the recruitment of four “pilot ready” sites.

CSL Hubs are designed to “serve as a regional/local connection point that brings the schools, universities, and communities together to attract, place, support, and retain school leaders that are well trained to meet the needs of the whole child within a culturally responsive context that maximizes regional resources, builds regional capacity, and creates a highly successful, sustainable leadership pipeline.” This presentation shared information around the CSL Hubs and the three key strategies that will fulfill their main purpose.