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Brownbag: Zigerell on race, genetics, and public policy

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L.J Zigerell kicked off the Department of Politics and Government Spring 2018 Brownbag series with a talk titled “New survey data on inequality and race.” The topic, presented Wednesday, January 24, reviewed results from a survey Zigerell had conducted to measure and explain beliefs and attitudes about topics related to race, genetics, and public policy. Department faculty and graduate students attended the brownbag lunch and had a lively discussion with Professor Zigerell.

Brownbag presentations are an opportunity for faculty and students to informally share and comment on ongoing research projects. Other brown bag lunches and presentations are planned for spring semester. The next brown bag presentation will be given by Professor Kerri Milita on Feb. 7. It is titled “Helicopter Parenting & the Development of Political Ambition in College Students.”