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Civil Service Council names award winners

The Civil Service Council named those who will be honored at the Founders Day celebration on February 15. Jim Ganieany, Rachel Hatch, Judi Khalilallah, and Stuart Palmer will receive the Civil Service Distinguished Service Award, and Jean Ann Dargatz will be honored with the Civil Service Esprit De Corps Award.

Civil Service Distinguished Service Award
, Facilities Management, has worked at Illinois State University for the last 10 years. He is the superintendent of building maintenance, having previously served as supervisor of building craftsmen, building mechanic foreman, and building mechanic. In his current position, Ganieany is responsible for a staff of approximately 80 employees in the crafts trades shops, maintenance, job estimating, and building inspections. He directly impacts the delivery and quality of services in the areas of building maintenance and construction. His work and that of his colleagues touches every building on campus.

Hatch, Media Relations, joined Illinois State in 2011, and was promoted to assistant director in 2015. Along with handling media requests, she is the editor of the online newsletters Report and Identity, and a curator of the University’s News Hub. An award-winning writer, Hatch’s work helps to promote the University through stories on faculty research, student and staff achievements, and events that range from arts and civic engagement, to fundraisers and speakers. She has provided support for the recent Campus Climate Task Force, and assists with the task force’s Implementation Team. She was appointed to the strategic plan task force that updated Educating Illinois to the newest plan, Educate·Connect·Elevate: Illinois State.

Khalilallah, Diversity Advocacy, has been part of Illinois State University through work and studies for more than 25 years. She has worked in the Dean of Students Office since its official opening in 2005, after previously working in University College Academic Advisement. She currently serves as an office support specialist for Diversity Advocacy. She supports the unit in providing guidance and resources for underrepresented students and staff. She helps make Diversity Advocacy the place where multicultural and LGBTQ+ students can go for direction, encouragement, and understanding.

Palmer, Honors Program, has worked at Illinois State as a full-time staff member for eight years. He joined the Honors Program over five years ago as office support. He had previously served in different positions across the University, including Alumni Relations and the Office of Parking and Transportation. He is also an Illinois State alumnus, having earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy with minors in music and political science. He hopes to begin the pursuit of his master’s degree in the fall of 2018 in global politics and culture. In his current role, Palmer advises students in the Honors Program, oversees and coordinates data on all Honors research experiences, and coordinates the Honors Program’s digital badging initiative.

Civil Service Esprit De Corps
, Office of the Provost, joined Illinois State in 1999 as assistant to the director in Conference Services. In 2007, she joined the dean’s office at Mennonite College of Nursing (MCN). In 2014, she joined the Office of the Provost.  In her current position, she handles a wide variety of duties including compiling reports, coordinating several award processes, facilitating meetings, events, and projects for academic affairs, maintaining the Provost’s website, and coordinating the Provost’s calendar. Dargatz served on many college committees while at MCN and was project coordinator for the Nursing Workforce Diversity Grant (PROUD). She has served on the University Hearing Panel, the Passages Coordinating Committee, and participated in the Leadership Initiative. She has been the Civil Service representative for the SURS Member Advisory Council since 2011.

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