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The Department of Politics and Government hosted a master class with former United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Friday, January 26th, 2018. Attorney General Lynch was on the ISU campus to deliver the keynote address at the Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Dinner. The master class was attended by graduate and undergraduate political science students, legal studies students, as well as graduate students enrolled in the Applied Community and Economic Development program.

During the master class Attorney General Lynch spoke about her career path and professional experience before answering questions posed by students. Students’ questions focused on a wide range of issues, including reducing recidivism, responding to the opioid epidemic, and the tribal court system. After the master class, students had the opportunity to mingle and chat with Attorney General Lynch.

One thought on “Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch visits ISU

  1. Tim Como says:

    Inviting former AG Lynch to ISU, why not invite Ben Shapiro for a great debate? ISU has lost its way throughout the years with inviting these leftist onto our campus and not even concidering someone from the conservative side. What happened to the old midwestern views that I grew up with in middle Illinois?? Campus living has transformed into a stifling learning environment of liberalism!!!