Help colleagues explore topics important to you as part of the 2018 Summer Institute Faculty Fellows program. The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology is looking for faculty and staff to facilitate half- or full-day workshops representing diverse interests and approaches to teaching and student learning. Stipends are available for facilitators. The deadline to apply online is Sunday, February 18.

In previous years, Faculty Fellows workshops have encompasses a wide variety of topics and featured faculty from across the disciplines, including:

  • Challenging Students with Interrupted Case Studies
  • Stress in Academia
  • One Post and Two Responses: Breathing Life into the Online Discussion Forum
  • Improv in the Classroom: So Much More Than Games
  • Using Formative Evaluations to Improve Online Courses
  • Pointless Grading: Electronic Tools for Feedback and Assessment
  • Coaching for Excellence
  • The Impact of Narratives on Student Learning
  • Constructivist Methods for Success in Content-Heavy Classes
  • Keep Students Motivated
  • Engage Students Through Emotion

Faculty members whose proposals are accepted participate in an orientation session, where they will work with CTLT staff members to create and fine-tune learning outcomes for their workshops. CTLT promotes the workshop along with the rest of its Summer Institute programming. Facilitators are asked to reflect upon their experience after their workshop and provide a brief report.

Discover more about the process of becoming a Faculty Fellow, learn about stipends, and find a link to the application at