Joe Amato, ENG, published “A place for unfinished things c. 1974” and “Forty-some-odd on” for Politics/Letters Live.

Bob Broad, ENG, co-authored We Need to Talk: A New Method for Evaluating Poetry (Multilingual Matters Press).

Mary Dyck and MyoungJin Kim, MCN, co-authored “Continuing Education Preferences, Facilitators, and Barriers for Nursing Home Nurses” for The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing.

Melissa Jarvill, Peggy Jacobs, Kim Schafer Astroth, Carla Pohl, and Sheryl Jenkins, MCN, co-authored “Integration of an individual simulation experience into a psychomotor skills course” for Nurse Educator. 

Kathryn Sampeck, ANT, published “Insights into Afro-Latin American Archaeology” in the International Journal of Historical Archaeology.

Steve Halle, ENG, presented guest lectures “Contemporary Small Press Literary Publishing” and “Contemporary Poetry from Prosody to Publication” at Winona State University in Minnesota.