To the Editor,

I was a broadcast communications major and spent most of my time in college with TV-10. I was a big part of the station for three years. In 1996, after a particularly rough newscast, I hung a sign in the TV-10 control room that reads “The power of teamwork overcomes all.” It was taken from a Power Rangers movie poster.

I saw a post on Facebook that showed a TV-10 student holding a sign that said “I got hired.” He was in the TV-10 control room. I noticed, much to my surprise, that the sign I hung more than 21 years ago is still hanging in the same place. This is even in spite of the control room recently being overhauled for HD.

Appears In

On page three of the August 2017 Illinois State alumni magazine, there is a photo of the new control room equipment. It is dark, but the sign I hung is in the picture.

I have not been back to campus in almost 20 years, but I visited in the fall. I spoke to one of the TV-10 classes, expanding on my story about the poster I hung. It is interesting that such a simple gesture is now viewed on a near daily basis by students who were not even born at the time it was hung.

Carlin Trammel ’98

To the Editor,

I loved the article on the “Days of May” (May 2017) and the swirling currents amongst the students of the day. I thought the townies were backwards in 1980. Normal sounded like they were happy with Jim Crow 10 years earlier. I hope my belief that we have all come a long way since then is true, but sometimes I’m not as sure as I’d like to be.

Tom Kay ’85