Distinguished Professor of Politics and Government Ali Riaz has published a commentary about the uncertainty surrounding the U.S.-North Korea summit.

The scheduled meeting between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been cancelled by Trump after a war of words between the two countries. In Riaz’s Daily Star piece “Cancellation of Trump-Kim summit: Who benefits?” he argues that both the acceptance of the North Korean summit offer and its cancellation were done in haste. Trump’s penchant for drama, he notes, was in full display.

Riaz insists that a peace deal that reduces the U.S. presence and influence in the region will ultimately benefit China; thus, it is in the best interests of China to see a deal. But in the short term, according to Riaz, slowing down the entire process will help Beijing emerge as the mediator between North Korea and the U.S., and China will use the opportunity to squeeze concessions from the U.S. in trade talks.