Erika Hunt, Illinois State University; Matt Clifford, American Institutes for Research; and Michaela Fray, Regional Office of Education #1 will be presenting “Collective Power: Collaborating for Grant Success and Building Sustainability from the Start through Effective Partnership Models” at the Teacher Quality Programs (TQP) Summit June 14-15, 2018, in Washington, D.C. based on their work with the TEAM Lead project.

The TEAM Lead project is built around the collaborative effort of four Regional Offices of Education, four universities, 88 schools, 13 Catholic schools, one national non-profit, and one external evaluation organization designed to help principals increase student achievement by significantly increasing the amount of time and capacity they spend engaging teacher teams in instructional improvement efforts. The session will feature a problem of practice we encountered with the TEAM Lead project that required the launch of our intervention in 101 schools this spring without full staffing capacity of the grant due to the timing of the grant on the federal fiscal cycle.