The Illinois State University Annuitants Association (ISUAA) elected a slate of officers at its annual meeting on June 20.

Gail Lamb, having served as president since November, was elected president and Maureen Peel was re-elected as secretary. Also re-elected was Gary Fish as director. Victoria F. Harris was elected as director. Continuing in their positions are Roger Cann, vice-president; Neil Gridley, treasurer; and Jan Cook and Marie Dawson, directors.

The ISUAA will begin the academic year with its annual Fall Kick-Off breakfast, at 8:30 am, Wednesday, September 5, at the Alumni Center.

Illinois State President Larry Dietz will provide an update on the University’s recent successes and upcoming events. Reservations for the event are required before August 25.

To register, complete the form on the back of the current Fall ISUAA newsletter, which is available online. If needed, you can access the newsletter at the ISUAA website: (in the ‘About’ section).

The ISU Annuitants Association (ISUAA) is the local chapter of the State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA) and serves employees of Illinois State University who participate in SURS, and retirees who receive a SURS pension, their spouses, and survivors. All current employees and retirees should consider joining ISUAA which also makes them a member of SUAA (State Universities Annuitants Association). SUAA is the only organization in the state actively working to protect the pension system and health care benefits for all of us who contribute to SURS.