Ewing Cultural Center was honored with the 2018 City of Bloomington Beautification Award. Heather VozzellaBradley Pearson, and Toni Tucker accepted the award.

Lucas Maxwell, AGR, was awarded the national Distinguished Young Educator Award by the Non-land-grant Agriculture and Renewable Resources Universities (NARRU) organization.

Rob Rhykerd, AGR, recently completed his term as president of the board of directors of the Non-land-grant Agriculture and Renewable Resources Universities (NARRU) organization.

Ben Stiers, MUS, was appointed to the Percussive Arts Society’s (PAS) Leadership Academy Steering Committee, a group responsible for curriculum development for the soon-to-be-launched PAS Leadership Academy.

T.Y. Wang, POL, was a panelist for “Roundtable on How to Get Published in Academic Journals,” at the American Association of Chinese Studies annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. Wang is a co-editor of the Journal of Asian and African Studies.

Christopher Breu, ENG, presented “Biopolitics and Infrastructure” at the Obama Transnational American Studies Institute at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz in Germany. He also presented “Public Violence as Private Pathology: Noir Affect in The End of a Primitive” at the American Studies Center at the  University of Warsaw in Poland.

Karen Coats, ENG, presented ”Recuperating Darkness” at the Children’s Literature Association conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Fred Smith
, ANT emeritus, co-authored “Diversity of Neandertal Behaviour in Europe: The Evidence from Vindija Cave, Croatiain Quaternary International and “Bukovac Cave Revisited. Recent Excavations of an Early Upper Paleolithic Site in the Gorski Kotar Region of Croatia” in Archäologisches Korrespondenzblatt.