Shelly Clevenger, CJS, received the American Society of Criminology’s Division on Women and Crime Young Scholar Award.

Gary Klass, POL emeritus, received the Lifetime Achievement Habitat Hero Award and was recognized at the Habitat for Humanity Illinois 2018 Conference.

Craig McLauchlan,
CHE, was a co-presenter of “Interactions of oxovanadates with proteins” and “Predictions of distortions in the geometries of vanadium-phosphatase proteins X-ray structures using shape analysis” at the 11th International Vanadium Symposium in Montevideo, Uruguay. McLauchlan and Marjorie Jones, CHE, took part in a poster presentation titled “Vanadium (IV) complexes with the Kläui ligand for oxidative catalysis and enzyme inhibition” with several graduate and undergraduate students from Illinois State at the symposium.

Ali Riaz, POL, presented “Bangladesh: Holding Society Together in a Low Cohesion Society” at a workshop on “Social Cohesion in Asia” in Singapore.

Ani Yazedjian, FCS, presented “Exploring who benefits most from relationship education” and “Sex is easier to get and love is harder to find”: Costs and rewards of hooking up for college students” at the annual meeting of the National Council on Family Relations in San Diego, California. She also participated in an invited symposium entitled “Developing a funded translational research portfolio in family science.”

Anne Shelley, Milner, published “The Accidental Librarian Instructor: Teaching a Graduate Music Research Course” in Transforming Libraries for Graduate Students (Association of College and Research Libraries).

Wolfgang Stein, BIO, co-authored “Multimodal sensory information is represented by a combinatorial code in a sensorimotor system” for PLOS Biology.