For the first time in the history of the Fell Arboretum, a map is available listing all the trees that exist on Illinois State University’s campus. This map was completed during the 2019 spring semester by ISU Design Streak students Cayden Bergschneider and Megan Janeski under the supervision of the Fell Arboretum Curator and Horticulturist Patrick Murphy.

“A map with a record of trees and woody plants is the minimum requirement for all public gardens, such as arboreta, botanic gardens, conservatory greenhouses, and horticulture centers,” said Murphy. “The map is the best way to share the numerous benefits of education, environmental stewardship, and to learn what we can expect from the trees we all share.”

The Fell Arboretum was officially founded in 1996, and the map lists the genus species and common names for the trees and woody plants currently in the arboretum. Currently there are 2,670 trees and woody plants at Illinois State. For more information, visit the Fell Arboretum website.