Eric Hoss, director at State Farm Insurance, talked to Nancy Lind’s professional development class this week. One of the key points of his presentation was to teach students how to interview well by removing doubt from the minds of the interviewers. He explained that the process of an interview is for both sides, potential employers and employees, to assess each other.

a male talking to a group of students

Eric Hoss, director at State Farm Insurance

Hoss indicated that all interviewers have doubts about interviewees so it is the responsibility of the interviewee to remove that doubt. He encouraged students to look at their own resumes, identify areas of doubt an interviewer might have, and then attack the doubts head-on in an interview. It is up to the interviewee to address any uncertainties the interviewer might have about the job candidate.

Hoss also encouraged students to develop their own brand. He expressed how each student is unique and how they need to capitalize on their uniqueness to focus on the traits and/or competencies that make them the ideal candidate for the job.

In concluding an interview, Hoss also encouraged students to reiterate the three best reasons why they should be hired for the job. It is the students’ final pitch to remove any doubt.