A new registered student organization aims to empower black women across the country.

Logo with woman wearing a crown and the words Black Girl Code

The logo for the registered student organization, Black Girl Code.

Black Girl Code (BGC) began in the spring of 2019 at Illinois State University last semester. Current BGC President Rose Sammons said founders were seeking a forum to bond and bring to light social injustices happening to black American women across the country.

“Issues surrounding black women are often placed on the back burner,” said Sammons, a sophomore double-major in political science and communications. “We need a safe space to talk about issues at a predominantly white institution.”

Sammons said the organization is about the success of black women. “Black women are taught to be independent and strong, but that does not leave a lot of opportunity to grow,” she said. “We need black women on campus to know it is okay to feel anxious and scared. We can seek comfort in each other.”

In its first year, BGC already has 62 members taking part in activities and community service. The organization emphasizes mentoring and a positive environment, with discussions on topics such as bullying, gossip, and consent. “We’re putting together a panel on understanding consent, and it is important to have men involved in that conversation as well,” said Sammons, who noted the group is also planning a future presentation with black, female entrepreneurs.

Black Girl Code meets every other Thursday from 6-8 p.m. in Stevenson Hall, room 133A. The next meeting will be November 21.

Those who are interested in more information can follow on Twitter @bgcisu or on Instagram at Black Girl Code ISU.