Erika Hunt, Linda Shay, and Pat Halloran were invited to present at a session at the United States Department of Education (USCE) National Leadership Summit held on November 13–14 in conjunction with the USDE recognition ceremony of Blue Ribbon Schools. The presentation, titled “Job-Embedded Coaching: Supporting Principals’ Instructional Leadership,” shared the job-embedded principal coaching model that is part of the TEAM Lead project, a federal school leadership grant that supports over 100 principals in Illinois.

Through the TEAM Lead project, each principal is paired with a school-leadership coach. They provide job-embedded coaching that helps the principal work with their instructional leadership teams to engage in a school improvement planning process called Cycles of Inquiry. Erika Hunt serves as the project director, while Linda Shay serves as the professional development coordinator for the TEAM Lead project. Pat Halloran is a LEAD coach working with 10 principals located in Central Illinois. More information on the TEAM Lead coaching model can be found in a recently released publication.