There’s no doubt about it; starting a new business can be tough. It can be even more challenging for international students seeking to do so in the United States. To assist Redbirds with the transition, the Career Center and International Student and Scholar Services are pleased to host Entrepreneurial Insights, Start-up Best Practices, and Immigration Options for Entrepreneurs.

Held on January 31 in the Bone Student Center, the two-hour session includes tips from three experts: Cubii co-founder Shivani Jain, Greater Peoria Economic Development Council Director of Innovation and Start-ups Andrew Ngui, and Chicago attorney Bob White. Attendees are asked to RSVP their attendance. Agenda is as follows:

Keynote presentation: Entrepreneurial insights, 2–3 p.m.

Shivani Jain, co-founder of Cubii, shares entrepreneurial insights on creating and developing a successful business and will take questions from attendees.


Jain shares her experiences as an international business owner in the U.S.

Cubii Co-founder Shivani Jain


Presentation: Start-up best practices, 3–3:30 p.m.

As a former international student who founded his own company, Andrew Ngui shares the pros and cons of a start-up business in the U.S. In his current role as council director of innovation and start-ups, he engages with startup founders and new business owners to identify opportunities, test assumptions and develop their ideas into viable businesses.

Ngui shares best practices with international students

Greater Peoria Economic Development Council Director of Innovation and Startups Andrew Ngui


Presentation: Immigration options for entrepreneurs, 3:30–4 p.m.

Chicago attorney Bob White advises and works with companies from a variety of industries on all types of business non-immigrant and immigrant visas (“green cards”) for their employees, managers and executives. As an immigration counselor for numerous colleges and universities, White shares the legal implications of starting a business in the United States.


Immigration attorney and counselor Bob White

Immigration Attorney Bob White

The International Student Career Series provides Illinois State’s international students with career support to help them remain competitive and increase their confidence in the job market. Attendees can attend an individual session or the entire series.

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