Jeremy Driskell and Christopher Mulligan, CHE, co-presented “Integrated SERS-PSI-MS Platform Using Gold Nanoparticle-Embedded Paper for Trace Detection of Illegal Drugs” with students William Fatigante, Daniel Burr, and Jemima Lartey at SciX in Palm Springs, California.

Tanya Diaz-Kozlowski, WGS, presented “Haciendo Caras: Kneading Art into Feminist Pedagogy” at the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) meeting in San Francisco.

Jonathan Druker, LAN, presented “Mothers and Daughters in the Holocaust Writing of Edith Bruck, Liana Millu and Giuliana Tedeschi” at the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C. for Italian Mothers and Daughters: Writings from the Holocaust.

William Bohn, LAN emeritus, published “Futurism’s Impact in France” in the Handbook of International Futurism.

Juliet Lynd, LAN, published “Gabriela Mistral in Contemporary Text: Review of Gabriela Mistral’s Letters to Doris Dana (ed. Velma García-Gorena) and Somos los andinos que fuimos (by Magda Sepúlveda)” in Chasqui: Revista de literatura latinoamericana.

Ela Przybylo, ENG, authored “Publishing Revolution: Publishing Praxis in the Classroom,” which appeared in the Radical Teacher special issue of Anti-Oppressive Composition Pedagogies. She also co-authored with Veronika Novoselova “Blogging Affects and Other Inheritances of Feminist Consciousness-Raising,” which appeared in I Confess: Constructing the Sexual Self in the Age of the Internet.

Ali Riaz, POL, published the commentary “Bangladesh’s Authoritarian Shift” in the East Asia Forum from Australian National University. He also published a commentary in the Daily Star saying the International Court of Justice’s instructions to the Myanmar government regarding the genocide against the Rohingya community is a step in the right direction.

Fred Smith, ANT emeritus, co-authored “Hybridization in human evolution: insights from other organisms” in Evolutionary Anthropology. He also co-authored the chapter “Regional variability in diet between Northern European and Mediterranean Neandertals: Evidence from dental microwear texture analysis” for Dental Wear in Evolutionary and Biocultural Contexts (Elsevier).