The Spring 2020 Physics Colloquium Series has been cancelled.

We are hoping to reschedule some of the remaining speakers for the fall.

February 18
“Numerical description of nonequilibrium chemical dynamics”
Speaker—Professor Todd Gingrich
Northwestern University, Department of Chemistry

February 25
“Probing stellar evolution, dynamics, and fundamental physics with millisecond pulsar binaries”
Speaker—Professor David Kaplan
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Physics Department

March 3
“Experimental study of neutrinos”
Speaker—Professor Mark Messier
Indiana University, Department of Physics

March 17
“Surface science for quantum scientists and quantum engineers”
Speaker—Professor David Wisbey
Saint Louis University, Department of Physics

March 24
“Single photon technologies”
Speaker—Professor Elizabeth Goldschmidt
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Physics Department

March 31
“The high-field-tokamak path to fusion energy”
Speaker—Dr. Earl Marmar, Head of Magnetic Fusion Experiments
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Physics Department

April 7
“Exploring the relationship between the structure, function, and dynamics of biomolecular complexes”
Speaker—Professor Jeff Wereszczynski
Illinois Institute of Technology, Department of Physics

April 14
“Synchronization phenomena in the brain”
Speaker—Professor Leonid Rubchinsky
IUPUI, Department of Mathematical Sciences, IU School of Medicine, NRI

The series is sponsored by Illinois State University’s Department of Physics. For accommodation requests or more information on the colloquium series, contact the Department of Physics at (309) 438-8756 or email