The Eight at State initiative defines intellectual wellness as a process of being involved with lifelong learning through your formal education and informal life experiences. Exercising your mindset is good for mental health and grows intellectual well-being. Take advantage of the wide variety of programming, services, and events across Illinois State to foster your natural curiosity.

Questioning the ordinary is inherent to intellectual well-being and allows openness for new ideas, values, and experiences to find their way into your life. Discover the Planetarium and learn more about our Earth, the stars, and beyond. Is traveling on your bucket list? Attend an information session about studying abroad, then make the world your classroom. Explore perspectives on art, music, destinations, and literature. Visit exhibitions from the Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts installation, attend a concert through the School of Music or a show through the School of Theatre and Dance. There are worthwhile opportunities right here at Illinois State University that will fit nicely with your work or class schedule.

Take in environments with less expectation and certainty of what’s to follow. Practice skills to improve focus and be in the moment with mindfulness and meditation techniques. Health Promotion and Wellness holds free mindfulness classes beginning in February and March and they’re open to all students, staff, and faculty.

Whether you are passionate about a social justice cause or excited about a project, find community with over 400 registered student organizations (RSOs) on campus or volunteer with community organizations in Normal and Bloomington. The benefits include meeting new people, planning events with your peers, and raising awareness about meaningful topics. Embrace your own interests and hobbies while connecting with others.

Intellectual wellness encourages embracing new experiences to help you forge a healthier path. Joining Live Well with Eight at State is a way to stimulate action. Live Well with EIGHT at STATE is a free incentive-based program supporting Illinois State University students, staff, and faculty. The Eight at State initiative emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to well-being by intentionally focusing on eight dimensions of wellness: emotionalenvironmentalfinancialintellectualphysicalsocialspiritual, and vocational. Engaging with Live Well is simple – participants will record day to day activities that align with one or more of the eight dimensions over the course of the program as a way to track progress. Activities recorded accrue points and participants become eligible to win prizes.