Stephanie Hartling, a graduate student in the Cognitive & Behavioral Sciences sequence of the Department of Psychology, has been awarded the Graduate Assistant of the Year Award. This past academic year she taught an online version of Fundamentals of Psychology (PSY 110) and worked alongside Dr. Jeffrey Wagman in his lab.

“Stephanie has been an excellent graduate assistant this past academic year. She has been an asset to both my research and my teaching activities. I sincerely hope that she will be able to reprise this role next academic year,” said Wagman.

Originally from Lannon, Wisconsin, Hartling decided to study psychology because she wanted to learn how the mind works. She chose ISU partly on the recommendation of a friend, but also because the undergraduate program allowed her to explore her interests to determine future research. As a graduate student, Hartling decided to study behavior and cognition. “I now want to understand why we are the way we are and why there is so much variation between humans,” said Hartling. Her research interests began with neuroscience and neurological disorders, but have now expanded to person-environment interactions, from working with Dr. Wagman.

“One of the highlights during my year as a GA was talking with Dr. Wagman on the results of the study. It was interesting and satisfying to see what our hard work resulted in. The other highlight was seeing the students who came to me for help begin to improve in the class. It was wonderful to see the students understand the material and do better in the class as I helped them”, remarked Hartling.

Stephanie Hartling

Once she graduates, Hartling is hoping to work as research coordinator at a college or other professional institution investigation neurological disorders.