Rajeev Goel, ECON, co-authored “Supply Chain Reliability and International Economic Growth: Impacts of Disruptions like COVID-19” for the CESifo working paper series in Germany.  

Gabriel Gudding, ENG, published “Soteriological Nature of Customer Service, in Venter Oss Ved Elvene (Waiting for Us by The Rivers), and “Phaedra” in Can WHave Our Ball Back? the mother of all online poetry magazines  

Marjorie JonesChristopher Hamaker, and Michael Webb, CHE, published “Ruthenium(iii) complexes containing thiazole-based ligands that modulate amyloid-β aggregation” in Metallomics with graduate and undergraduate students Samantha Huffman, Gideon Yawson, Samuel Fisher, Paige Bothwell, and David Platt.   

Ela Przybylo, ENG, contributed “Aging, Asexuality, and Desexualization” to the book In Sex & Intimacy in Later Life: Diversity. (Policy Press).  

Eric Willey, Milner Library, published “Using Captions and Controlled Vocabulary to Describe Visual Materials as an Alternative to Digitization” in Provenance, Journal of the Society of Georgia Archivists