A sleek new design, campus facility electronic key access, and scan technology for purchases highlight the new and improved Redbird Card.

New look and enhanced features highlight new Redbird Card

Today’s hyper-connected, technical world doesn’t stop with computers and smartphones. Even the little plastic cards we have our faces on open a world of opportunities to its holder. Over time the technology implanted in cards has changed, improving security and convenience. The Redbird Card Office recognized these needs and in collaboration with several campus offices led a project to implement the safest, newest technology for the latest edition of the Redbird Card.

The new Redbird Card is a smart technology that provides several benefits, including:

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Overall Cost Savings
  • Increased Security
  • Future Growth

Campus Collaboration and Input Come Together

The process started when the Redbird Card Office worked with University Marketing and Communications to create several new looks for the redesigned card. These designs were presented to all faculty, staff, and students in a survey to allow the campus community to have input on the new look.

Behind the scenes, several campus departments worked together to improve the security and software that interacts with the card. For physical access to buildings, Facilities Management collaborated with University Police, Emergency Management, and Environmental Health and Safety for improved electronic door access across campus. Allowing electronic door access with Redbird Cards makes it convenient for the key holder and is safer and easier to manage access.

Software systems, equipment, and other technology that interacts with the latest Smart Technology were implemented by the Redbird Card Office in concert with Technology Solutions and Facilities Management. As these improvements came together, planning to reissue nearly 24,000 cards became the next step.

Re-Card Schedule

The Redbird Card Office is using a phased approach to re-card the entire campus community. The COVID-19 pandemic created additional challenges to orchestrate approximately 24,000 new photos, cards, and distribution. To accommodate campus needs, distribution will be stretched over the next 6-12 months.

Since door access technology was changing across campus, the first priority is to replace cards for those who have electronic door access with a FOB, magstripe swipe, prox, etc. These cardholders will need the new card beginning August 1. The Card Office is working with department liaisons across campus to distribute the new cards.

Action Required:

If you have electronic door access and have not yet submitted a new photo to the Redbird Card Office, your present method for entry into the spaces you use will no longer work beginning 8/1/2020. To receive a new card:

  • Submit a current photo of yourself to the Redbird Card Office


  • Then stop by the Redbird Card Office (BSC 145) to pick up your new card.


  • Stop by the Redbird Card Office (BSC145) to have your photo updated and receive your new card.

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