Distinguished Professor Dr. Ali Riaz is quoted in a report by Associated Press on the golden jubilee of Bangladesh. The report highlighted the progress made by the country in the past 50 years and the challenges ahead. Report titled “Born In War, Bangladesh Marks 50 years of Independence” noted that the country has made remarkable economic progress and lifted millions out of poverty, but ‘some fear its success conceals a darker turn, including concerns over its most recent election’ writes the report. Riaz underscores that saying, “the most worrying thing in Bangladesh is the decimation of the electoral system.”  

Referring to the economic growth Riaz noted, “not everyone is part of the country’s roaring growth.” He added, “Poor people’s share in wealth, their income and opportunities are shrinking. The country is failing to create more jobs for young people.” As for the political situation, he said, Bangladesh is witnessing democratic backsliding over its electoral system, attempts at stifling political opposition, and threats to freedom of expression.