Recovery-friendly campuses increase the recovery capital (assets) of their students.  When campuses support recovery through both recovery-oriented initiatives and the engagement of allies across campus, research shows that college students in recovery experience higher graduation rates and GPAs compared to the general institutional rate. They also experience a significantly lower likelihood to have a re-emergence of symptoms compared to students on campuses that do not have collegiate recovery communities (Laudet, Harris, Kimball, Winters, and Moberg, 2016).

Students who are supported by collegiate recovery communities are diverse. The support provided by Sober Redbirds encompasses all forms of recovery (substance and behavioral addictions, including gambling, sexual impulsivity, disordered eating and more), and recovery is broadly defined.  For some, recovery means complete abstinence, while for others it means reducing risks or moderating.  

Show the students in Sober Redbirds and beyond that they are supported in their recovery journeys at Illinois State!     

  1. If you are a student or faculty/staff member in recovery, sign up for a recovery celebration package that can either be delivered to you or picked up on April 15 (National Collegiate Recovery Day). Only one staff member of the University will gather and respond to these requests; information will not be used in any other way and will be permanently deleted once the request is fulfilled.
  2. Wear purple (the color of recovery) on Thursday, April 15, and take a picture of yourself to post on Sober Redbirds’ Facebook page, along with a supportive message.
  3. Sign up for recovery ally training and share the opportunity with at least one other person (a new training has been added in June and can be accessed through the Human Resources portal).
  4. Take a walk on campus on April 15 to look for one of the rocks Sober Redbirds painted to encourage the celebration of recovery. Make sure to share it on social media with the hashtag #SoberRedbirds and re-hide it!
  5. Talk about Sober Redbirds and other resources for students in recovery with at least one other person today.
  6. If you know a student or faculty/staff member who is in recovery, send them a note of support and encouragement.
  7. Request to be added to the bimonthly Sober Redbirds newsletter that provides information on the group’s opportunities and events.

Laudet, A. B., Harris, K., Kimball, T., Winters, K. C., & Moberg, D. P. (2016). In college and in recovery: Reasons for joining a collegiate recovery program. Journal of American College Health, 64(3), 238-246.