Much of the material created by the United States Government is not copyrighted, but many historical publications are only available in physical formats. In order to make this material more accessible, the Government Publishing Office (GPO) has been working with Federal depository libraries (Milner Library is one) to digitize and make accessible these documents. In May 2015, Milner Library became a GPO partner for its digitized collection of World War I posters.

The GPO is essentially the publisher and printer for all three branches of the federal government, in digital and physical formats. Currently access to digital materials is provided through the govinfo portal at, and the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications at For more information visit Milner Library’s Government Documents library guide.

By working with Federal Depository libraries to scan these materials, creating metadata to make them searchable, and building the infrastructure to make them available online a tremendous amount of material published by the GPO is being made Open Access. This allows for greater discoverability for patrons around the world and represents a significant commitment by the GPO to making materials Open Access. It may also lead some state and local governments to follow suit in making their own materials Open Access.

ISU ReD is the institutional repository for Illinois State University and is committed to providing Open Access publishing options for our faculty, staff, and students. Authors can often place pre-prints and published articles in a wide variety of formats on ISU ReD. If you wish to discuss these options further, for current or already published research, please contact Milner Library’s Scholarly Communication Team at

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