Please note: The CRCC Fall 2021 Conference has been cancelled. See the announcement here.

The Culturally Responsive Campus Community (CRCC) Conference at Illinois State University works to actively recognize and rectify inequitable experiences and create a more just campus for all.  It is the goal of CRCC to inform the campus and community about intersectional issues surrounding marginalization and oppression.

Illinois State faculty, staff, and students are invited to the Fall 2021 CRCC on November 1-2. The conference theme will be “From Sit Ins to Social Media: Student Activism in the Digital Age.” The Fall 2021 conference will focus on engaging in and supporting student and youth activism. The conference will provide attendees with knowledge surrounding the legacies of earlier student-led movements and insight into how current student-led social movements mobilize using social media. Attendees will engage in conversations about how student social movements have pressed for change then and today. Attendees will also learn from local student and community leaders as they discuss the issues that matter today.

Participants will be challenged to consider: What do we need to learn to support new social movements? How do we build solidarity across groups? What specific skills support such change across different spaces on campus and in our community?

Registration, which is free and open to the public, will open in October. For the most up-to-date conference information, visit the CRCC website.