Yun Chang,
 KNR, published “Engaging in autonomous learning in the outdoors: Final expedition and youth autonomy” in the Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education. 

Jan-Ulrik Dahl, BIO, along with doctoral student Sadia Sultana, undergraduate student Greg Anderson, and visiting student Kevin Pierre Hoffmann published “Extraction and Visualization of Protein Aggregates after Treatment of Escherichia coli with a Proteotoxic Stressor” in the Journal of Visualized Experiments

Rajeev K. Goel, ECO, published “Masquerading the Government: Drivers of Government Impersonation Fraud” in Public Finance Review and co-authored “Strategic location of firms: Does it empower bribe givers or bribe takers?” in Economic Systems

Allison L. Harris, PHY, published “Single and Double Scattering Mechanisms in Ionization of Helium by Electron Vortex Projectiles” in the Journal of Physics. 

Sundeep Inti, TEC, published “Permeable low-density cellular concrete (PLDCC) as a replacement for aggregate layers in permeable parking lots” in Developments in the Built Environment. 

Emily Jones, KNR, co-authored “Collective Action for Learning, Improvement, and Redesign” for the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education.  

Jennifer Peterson, HSC, co-authored “Predictors of Success on the RHIA Exam” in Perspectives in Health Information Management.  

Sherry Sanden and Sandra L. Osorio, TCH, published, Book Talk: Growing into Literacy through Read-Aloud Conversations with Teachers College Press.

Justin Stanek, KNR, co-authored “A novel manual therapy technique is effective for short-term increases in tibial internal rotation range of motion” in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation.  

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