Distinguished Professor Dr. Ali Riaz has been quoted in a report in the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW). The report focuses on Bangladesh’s leading opposition party, Bangladesh Nationalists Party (BNP) and its leader, Khaleda Zia.

Distinguished Professor Dr. Ali Riaz

The party is facing a difficult time due to its leader’s illness and pressure from the government. Riaz said the BNP stands at a crossroads and the future of the party’s political viability depends on several factors, including the political environment in Bangladesh, the ability of the party leadership to maintain cohesion, and whether an alternative opposition party emerges.

“The third factor is not an eminent issue as the BNP’s appeal, and name recognition will not go away soon,” Riaz said. “But further erosion of democracy will continue to push the party to a slow death as it will face further persecution, and its leaders are failing to devise a strategy to address the situation.”