Dr. T.Y. Wang, University Professor and chair of the Department of Politics and Government, published an article in Asian Survey titled “Taiwan in 2021: the Looming China Threat” (v.62, no.1: 62-72). 

This study shows that China heightened its military pressure on Taiwan, but the Taipei government led by President Tsai Ing-wen defiantly resisted Beijing’s coercion and overcame domestic criticism. With cooperative public and international support, Taipei continued its success of controlling the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), including quelling an unexpected outbreak. Fueled by global demand for the island country’s technology products, Taiwan enjoyed a bullish economy. The relationship between Taipei and Washington progressed advantageously as President Joe Biden’s administration continued to provide robust support for the democratically elected government in Taipei.

As a flagship journal of Asian studies, Asian Survey starts each calendar year with articles reviewing major events of the prior year in each of the countries that the journal covers. These annual reviews are written by specialists and are by invitation only.