Willard Bohn, LAN, co-wrote an introduction to a chapter titled “Investigating Poetry with J. V. Foix” for the Forum for Modern Language Studies. 

Drew Lugar, Michael Barrowclough, Jay Solomonson, and Lucas Maxwell, AGR, published “The effect of an interactive classroom app on student performance and non-educational device usage in a college animal science course” in North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Journal

Lucas Maxwell, AGR, co-published “Designing a Technique for Program Expansion of Secondary Agricultural Education” in the Journal of Southern Agricultural Education Research. 

Amy Robillard, ENG, published “Anxiety is About the Future” in Full Grown People. 

Sercan Şengün, CFA, co-authored two entries with undergraduate students in the Newton Lee Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games. Şengün co-authored “Video Games and Accessibility: A Case Study of The Last of Us II” with Rhiannon Kelly, and “Among Us and Its Popularity During COVID-19 Pandemic” with Lys Bump.

Erika Sparby, ENG, co-published “Investigating disembodied risk in university crisis communications during COVID-19″ with graduate student Courtney Cox in Communication Design Quarterly