Thank you to each of our colleagues who are retiring this year for your exceptional contributions to the College. While we will miss you in our classes and on our teams, we wish you all a wonderful retirement. Good luck in your next adventure!

Doug Hatch

Doug Hatch – School of Teaching and Learning

In his 20 years in the college, Doug Hatch served as Associate Professor in the Middle Level Education program as well as Coordinator of the program.  He also dedicated his time to service on the boards/councils of many organizations. His research currently focuses on the history of the Middle Level Education program at Illinois State University and middle level programs nationally, which he will continue to work on in retirement.  He also plans to read a lot, walk his dog, work in his yard, and complete many other tasks around the house.

Brad Hutchinson

Brad Hutchison – Department of Educational Administration and Foundations

Brad Hutchison is a long-time leader of P12 education in Illinois and is a proud ISU alumnus. During his nine years at the college, he has served as the P12 Coordinator for EAF and as an Instructional Assistant Professor teaching in the Principal Preparation program. Brad also recruits and provides support for the redesigned Superintendent, Chief School Business Officials, and Ed.D. programs. Brad’s future plans involve spending more time with family, travel, golfing, and riding his beloved Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Lois La Galle

Lois La Galle – School of Teaching and Learning

Lois La Galle served the college as the Chicago PDS Site Coordinator and Student Teacher Supervisor for the past seven years. She is looking forward to traveling and spending time with her beautiful grandchildren during retirement!

Phyllis McCluskey-Titus – Department of Educational Administration and Foundations

Phyllis McCluskey-Titus

Dr. Phyllis McCluskey-Titus joined the EAF faculty as an assistant professor of higher education and student affairs in fall 1999, rising through the ranks to become full professor in 2015. She also served as coordinator of the master’s degree program in College Student Personnel Administration for much of her career. Her research focused on improvement of student affairs work, and discovering what students learn from their experiences inside and outside the classroom. She has no immediate plans to fully retire, exploring options to fill in when needed for different roles.  However, she looks forward to spending time with her husband on a fall “college football tour” of the U.S. to visit different stadiums.

Laurie Quanstrom – School of Teaching and Learning

Laurie Quanstrom

After a long career teaching at the elementary school level, Laurie Quanstrom came to Illinois State in 2018, teaching TCH 205 until changing roles as a clinical assistant professor. She supervised student teachers at the early childhood and elementary levels where she loved the opportunity to mentor future teachers. In retirement, she plans to spend more time with family and especially her four local grandchildren.  In addition, she looks forward to travel, involvement with her church and more time for reading.  

Gary Weilbacher

Gary Weilbacher – School of Teaching and Learning

Associate professor Gary Weilbacher has spent the last 22 years working in the middle level program, mainly focusing on the Professional Development School in conjunction with seven local middle schools.  In retirement, he is hoping to spend a little more time with his two (soon to be three) grandchildren and getting his golf handicap down to a decent number.  

Pauline Williams

Pauline Williams – School of Teaching and Learning

During her 16 years in the college, Dr. Pauline Williams served as the Bilingual Education Program Coordinator as well as the Principal Investigator and Co-Director of the Training of Preservice and Inservice Teachers in School District U-46 (TPI-U46) Program. Dr. Williams was inducted into ISU’s One Million Dollar Club and was awarded the College of Education Outstanding Teacher Award for excellence in teaching. Her research focused on equity in education for culturally and linguistically diverse children of color, faculty of color, and ISU’s Bilingual/Bicultural Education Program. After retirement, Dr. Williams plans to write and produce films and television programs by launching Mattimex Productions, LLC in June 2022.