The 2022 Model UN Team

Seven students from the Department of Politics and Government participated in the National Model United Nations conference in New York City on April 10–14, 2022. They represented Timor-Leste in this international conference that brings together college students from around the world.

The students are Olivia Fromme, Gabrielle Gonzales, Morrigan Hartley, Gavin McDonnell, Eric Morissette, Avery Spranger, and Rodrigo Villalobos. They represented Timor-Leste on five different committees and spent several days discussing critical global issues and drafting working papers that address these issues jointly with other students in their committees. This year, these issues have encompassed many pressing global challenges, including equitable and inclusive access to education; access to preventative healthcare for migrant workers; the threat posed by improvised explosive devices; biodiversity and its contribution to sustainable development; and the reduction of maritime pollution. The ISU team was recognized as a Distinguished Delegation at the end of the conference.

The “Distinguished Delegation” recognition reflects students’ deep knowledge of the global issues they debated with members of other delegations, their correct application of the rules of procedure, and their leadership in proposing creative solutions to critical global problems and in drafting working papers jointly with other delegates and working to create consensus around these working papers. The team was mentored and led by Dr. Noha Shawki.