On April 27, Illinois State University’s student newspaper, The Vidette, published “ISU professor Hendricks uses passion for traveling to inspire students to learn about cultures.” The profile article notes Assistant Professor of Politics and Government Dr. Mike Hendricks’ experiences in traveling and dedication to service, which have shaped his teaching and mentorship at Illinois State and his commitment to service on campus.

The article’s writer, Lorielle Walls, a former student of Hendricks, states that, “With his extensive teaching history and fully-stamped passport, Hendricks has utilized his passion for teaching and traveling in a way that helps him contribute in many ways to the Illinois State University campus and community.”

The article also quotes some of Hendricks’ students, Oscar Serratos and Hannah Brunier. Brunier stated, “Dr. Hendricks is an outstanding professor and colleague. I have enjoyed his teaching style and retained the material he taught. As a mentor, Dr. Hendricks has gone above and beyond to help me reach my academic goals. I am incredibly thankful for everything Dr. Hendricks has done to help me.” And Serratos said, “When students come into his classroom, he wants first and foremost for them to come away with a better understanding of the people, places and world south of the border and have a greater appreciation for that region of the world.”