Susan Kalter, ENG, was an editor for The Short Stories of John Joseph Mathews, an Osage Writer (University of Nebraska Press).  

Abdelmounaam Rezgui and Nariman Ammar, IT, were co-authors of “Precision Clinical Medicine Through Machine Learning: Using High and Low Quantile Ranges of Vital Signs for Risk Stratification of ICU Patients” for IEEE Access. 

Intan Suwandi, SOCA, co-authored “COVID-19 and Imperial Value: Commodity Chains, Global Monopolies, and Catastrophe Capitalism” for International Critical Thought. 

Jason Whitesel, SOC and WGSS, co-authored “Interactive Nature of Fat Activism and Fat Studies Within and Outside Academia for Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight & Society.  


Danielle Lillge, ENG, co-presented “Preparing pre-service English teachers to responsively enact socially just instruction within complex relationships and systems” at the American Education Research Association Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. 

Stephen Mujeye, TEC, presented “Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay? The results of what IT professionals recommend” at the 5th International Conference on Software Engineering and Information Management.  

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