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At home with Redbird Legacy families

Meet some of the Redbird Legacy families who live in Central Illinois and hear why they chose to attend Illinois State University.
Group of five students in Illinois State University gear

Psychology students work with the ‘Stay 4’ Project at the Great Plains LIFE Foundation

The Great Plains LIFE Foundation works to help high school students who demonstrate the ability to succeed, yet are considered to be at risk for dropping out.

Psychology student earns Laura Berk Undergraduate Writing Award

Elizabeth Marsh, a senior student in the Department of Psychology, is the recipient of the Laura Berk Undergraduate Writing Award.
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Psychology student earns Graduate Assistant of the Year Award

Stephanie Hartling, a graduate student in the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences sequence of the Department of Psychology, has been awarded the Graduate Assistant of the Year Award.
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School psychology students provide mental health consultation for Heartland Head Start

School psychology students provide mental health consultation for Heartland Head Start.
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Initiative awards celebrate early achievement, potential 

Illinois State University celebrates research and creative activity each year with faculty awards selected by the University Research Council.
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Barriers to health care for transgender individuals 

An inability to access health care can be dangerous-both physically and mentally. For those who identify as transgender, even the idea of seeking care can be stifled by fear of prejudice.
Dr. Diane Zosky

Dean delivers Spring 2020 Address

Interim Dean Dr. Diane Zosky emphasizes that the important work being conducted across the College of Arts and Sciences continues in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented effects.
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Psychology students participate in distance learning

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, students all over the world have been forced to adjust to distance learning. The Department of Psychology recently asked two of its senior students to...
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CBS faculty within the Department of Psychology change roles

Over the past few months, there have been some major changes within the Department of Psychology.