Most Illinois State students were in junior high when the Fear the Bird Shirt tradition started.

When the Fear the Bird Shirt was created in 2007, it was made as a joint initiative between Student Affairs and Barnes and Noble-ISU Bookstore. Its purpose was to promote Redbird spirit and increase traffic in the Bone Student Center with weekly Friday incentives from the Bone Student Center partners.

Illinois State graphic design students design the Fear the Bird Shirt.

To freshen the look of the Bird Shirt, in 2013 graphic design majors were asked to submit designs for the shirt. Designs were narrowed down and then put to a vote by the student body. Every shirt since has been designed by an Illinois State student.

Student votes determine the design of the Fear the Bird Shirt.

For the 2008 shirt, voting was opened up to the student body to decide between three different designs and the shirt design has been voted on ever since. Make sure to stay on the lookout this spring to vote on the 2017-2018 design!

Every shirt design gets its own reveal party.

The Bird Shirt design for the coming school year is always revealed at the Bird Shirt Friday Finale on the last Friday of spring classes. At the Friday Finale there are giveaways, raffles, free food, music, and a whole lot more!

Over 45,000 Bird Shirts are in circulation today.

Yes, that is the correct amount of zeros. More than 45,000 Fear the Bird Shirts have been sold in 10 short years.

The Bird Shirt has traveled to more than 20 countries and over 34 states.

Students wear their Fear the Bird Shirts on Spring Break

For several years, there were photo contests held over spring break in which students who wore a Bird Shirt during their travels submitted their photos to the Bone Student Center and were entered into a raffle to win prizes. Throughout these contests, the Bird Shirt traveled all around the world!

The Bird Shirt can get you discounts and free things inside the Bone on Fridays.

Wear a Bird Shirt from any year on Friday and get discounts at the Bone. Visit for a full list of this Spring’s weekly incentives!

We are celebrating our anniversary with popup prizes.

Make sure to follow the Bone Student Center on Instagram so you can see when pop ups are happening and what will be given away! Be one of the first 10 students to arrive and receive an awesome prize!

#spottedinthebirdshirt is a new hashtag being used when Bird Shirts are spotted around campus or out in the community.

Check out the Bone Student Center Facebook album, and Instagram to see who we have spotted so far! You never know who will be spotted next!

The Bird Shirt is available at Barnes & Noble- ISU Bookstore and the Lobby Shop for $11.99.

Head to the Bone Student Center or the Barnes & Noble – ISU bookstore online to get your 10th anniversary edition today!