The Office of Student Research announced the winners of the 2021 Image of Research competition.  

Students were asked to choose compelling images to capture the viewers’ attention. The images could take any form, including photographs, drawings, or digital creations, and could convey the research concretely or abstractly. A committee of jurors selected the winners, and the public voted on the People’s Choice winners.  

  • people dancing at night, illuminated by a sportlight
  • painting
  • the antennal lobe of Megaselia scalaris, the scuttle fly, using fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM)
  • red fox
  • aerial image of corn and soybean field with image of woman in corn field

The winners are: 
Graduate Category 

First place (tie)  
“Dance and Know You Are a Part” – photograph 
Triston Brown, studying cultural anthropology 
Faculty advisor: Dr. Kathryn Sampeck 

“Sun, Time and Vivid Dreams” – digital imagery using Blender and Unity 
Sargylana Cherepanova, studying painting 
Faculty advisor: Tyler Lotz 

Second place  
“Mask for Mask? Queer Hook-up Culture during the COVID-19 Pandemic” – photograph/collage 
Rocky Roque, studying communication 
Faculty advisor: Dr. Stephen Hunt 

Honorable Mention  
“Equity, not just equality” – photograph 
Lindsay Chassay, studying psychology   
Faculty advisor: Dr. Dan Lannin 

Honorable Mention  
“Dancing in Quarantine” – photograph 
Shahrzad Hamzeh, studying theater  
Faculty Advisor: Jason Reblando 

Honorable Mention  
“Carcinization” – photography/collage 
Maggie Demaegd, studying biology   
Faculty advisor: Dr. Wolfgang Stein 

Peoples’ Choice Award  
“Agronomic Intercropping Systems in Corn and Soybeans” – photography/collage 
Raeann Huffman, studying agriscience  
Faculty advisor: Dr. Nicholas Heller 

Undergraduate Category 

First place 
“Scuttle Sensilla” – microscopy 
Isolde Mckiernan, studying molecular and cellular biology  
Faculty advisor: Dr. Kevin Edwards 

Second place 
“To be ‘S’, or not to be ‘S’? — That is the Question.” – data visualization 
Erin Collins, studying molecular and cellular biology  
Faculty advisor: Dr. Shawn Hitchcock 

Honorable Mention 
“Dripping Down the Drain” – photograph 
Rebekah Bollin, studying geography  
Faculty advisor: Dr. Melissa Heil 

“Maternal Influence on Construction Ability” – video capture 
Bailey Schejbal, studying psychology 
Faculty advisor: Dr. Julie Campbell 

People’s Choice  
“Relaxing the Reds” – photograph 
Molly Frank, studying conservation biology  
Faculty advisor: Dr. Raz Steward 

The competition is sponsored by Illinois State’s Office of Student Research, Graduate School, Milner Library, and University Galleries. 

Winners’ images and research abstracts can be found on the Office of Student Research website.