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Food Access and Food Rescue Summit, March 3

The McLean County Wellness Coalition and Illinois State University will host a Food Access and Food Rescue Summit at the Illinois State University Alumni Center, located at 1101 N. Main St. The event will be from 8:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. March 3.

People have better diets and lower rates of obesity and diet-related chronic disease when they live in communities where healthy food options like fresh fruits and vegetables are available. In McLean County, much like in the rest of the country, there are high overweight and obesity rates. Simultaneously certain parts of the county are also known food deserts, which are defined as those areas where there is a lack of available healthy fresh food.

There are some great efforts around these issues in McLean County, but significant gaps remain in all aspects of the local food chain from production and processing to distribution and consumption. There is a call for increased collaboration among the local government units, schools, universities, local farmers, and restaurants to ensure access to fresh local food to residents of all ages and income levels

The summit’s goals are to engage community members in thoughtful and focused discussion around food access and food rescue, provide information on best practices, provide information on evidence-based models, and lead the community to start developing a coordinated plan to address food access and food rescue in McLean County.

If you are interested in attending to share your thoughts, experience, and knowledge about food access and food rescue, register online. The summit is free to attend. For more information, contact Jackie Lanier.


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